CoronaVirus Covid-19

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus we will not be providing face to face treatments or teachings until the virus has become less of a problem.
we are very sorry for this but we think this is the correct decision as we want to keep you safe.
These are hard times with a lot of suffering in the world today, for this reason Tim Hall is offering free Distance healings and Reiki Blessings to help those suffering to get through these times.
Any one can join, you do not need to contact Tim Hall, you can just join the healing at one of the times below, and just set the intention that you will take what you need from it and be open to it and it will work on you.
To Join the the distant healing you just need to sit or lie down at one of the times stated below. close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths, relax and just set the intention in your mind that you will take what you need from the healing. Simply allow the energies flow freely, you may feel some heat or tingling but this is a good thing as this is where healing is taking place, try not to judge what is going on, just let go and allow the energies to flow freely.
Weekly Distance healing times
Monday evenings between 7pm - 7:45pm (Reiki Blessing)
Tuesday Evenings 7:15 pm - 7:45pm (Distant healing)
Thursday Mornings 10 am - 10:45 am (Distant Healing)
You can just do one of these times or as many as you like.
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