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Reiki and Reflexology are non-invasive treatments which can bring much needed relaxation, calm, warmth and pain relief to those living in a care setting.


As well as the health benefits and relaxation that Reiki and reflexology bring they are also great for providing sensory input.


Both Reiki and Reflexology are preventative treatments and they help with promoting good health and can work alongside orthodox medicines.




My Experience


I have 6 years experience as a support worker, working  mainly with individuals with autism and learning difficulties. I also have experience working with individuals with mental illness and the elderly. In 2012 I gained an advanced apprenticeship in health and social care which includes a QCF Level 3 qualification.



Reiki and Reflexology treatments


I provide 2 free initial treatments to those who live in a care setting. With no obligation to future treatments. This helps identify whether the treatments are right for the individuals or not and it also gives them a little time to get  to know me and feel comfortable with me giving them treatments.

I understand the importance of being person centered so I am happy to come out and provide treatments to just one individual and come back out to provide treatments to others at a time that suits them better. I am also happy to provide treatments to groups of individuals or spend whole mornings, afternoons or whole days at a care home if required. Half an hour treatments are normally enough for those living in care, due to their complex needs. 


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