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Be open to take healing

I was having a discussion the other day with someone, as they were talking about why I don’t protect myself whilst performing a Reiki treatment.

They struggled with this idea as they say that they often put a bubble around themselves to protect themselves from others negativity.

They talked about for instance when travelling on a busy train they put a bubble around themselves to stop them from picking up others negativity.

I asked them to stop and think about what Reiki really is.

It’s energy right!.

Energy of the universe,

Reiki is also healing,

So if Reiki is healing and it is also the energy of the universe, and the energy of the universe lives within everything within the universe.

Then surly everything within the universe contains healing, everything and everyone, without exception.

It is only our mindset that’s stops us from believing this.

I suggested to them to instead of separating themselves from others on the train, which they do when they fear that they will pick up negativity from them, they should try to be more open with people and feel oneness with everyone.

Instead of putting a bubble around themselves they should try and remember that there is a train crammed full of potential healing that they can take from.

This person also struggled a little when I used the word take.

As they only really seen Reiki as something that they give others.

Again we talked about Reiki and I explained when you give Reiki healing you receive healing back as you are only the channel, and Reiki flows through you to the person you are performing the Reiki treatment to.

So when you take Reiki from someone else then you draw Reiki through them so you help with their own healing.

You should not feel like your taking others energy away from them, rather you should think that you are sharing a healing space with another, whether you are the performer or the receiver.

For instance you may feel like you need a hug, but when you receive a hug you give one back. In fact it is impossible for only one of you to receive healing from a hug.

So I suggested trying to be more open and to always remember that they can take healing from anyone and everyone and anything, and to take healing from others rather than fearing others negativity and to protect themselves as this is much more of a healthy and open approach.

Putting a bubble around yourself causes separation between you and others, so when your performing a treatment you work from a place of fear and worry, rather than an open space.

The universe is full of potential healing opportunities that you may miss if you put yourself in a bubble.

This person said that they view people in a more softened approach now they have this mindset.

This mindset is just one of many teachings that is taught in the system of Reiki.

Reiki Interconnection

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