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Shoden  Reiki Level 1   

Shoden is the Japanese word for first Teachings, so the Shoden class of Reiki is the first teachings of Reiki.
The teachings of the Shoden class have been passed down from teacher to teacher, and can be traced back to the founder of Reiki Mikoa Usui himself.
The word Reiki basically means energy in Japanese. Reiki energy exists in every living and non living thing within the universe. Reiki can be seen as the universal energy, that is made up from the energies of everything, that has existed, and everything that will exist within the universe.
We are part of the universe, we are not separate from it, so by looking at it this way, we begin to see that Reiki already resides inside of us.
We are naturally made up of Reiki energy, it fills our lungs when we breathe, it surrounds us always.
The universal energy helped form the planets and the stars in the sky, it also helped to create life on Earth, so it is easy to see that Reiki energy has naturally healing ability.
We often get bogged down with the stresses of our modern day lives, and these stresses take our awareness further and further away from the universal energy that surrounds us.
By following the teachings of the system of Reiki, we begin to remember the connection, that we have within the universe.
The teachings, teach us how to strengthen the vibration and flow of the Reiki energy that exists with in side of ourselves to cause an healing effect on ourselves, in some way.
When we have a high vibration of Reiki within our being, we become balanced and find our true connection within the universe, causing a healing effect on ourselves.
The system of Reiki is easy to learn, although it takes a lot discipline to really experience the true essence of Reiki itself
Because the energy of the universe already exists within side of ourselves, then we don't necessarily need to be given anything to be able to connect to Reiki. 
We don't need anything to be added  to us like a magic pill, like, (yesterday I wasn't connected to Reiki, but today I attended a Reiki class, and the teacher added something to me and I can now connect to an outside force and channel Reiki.)
This is not the case a Teacher simply awakens your awareness to the energies of the universe within side yourself, and teaches you meditations and techniques for you then to be able to cultivate Reiki energy around your body and life.
A Teacher will give you Reiki attunements and Reiki Blessing called Reiju. This is what awakens your awareness of Reiki and with the teachings of Reiki you will have the potential of being able to connect and become one with the energies, which will bring balance and wholeness to your life
An Attunement can be seen as a spiritual blessing which reminds you of your inner bright light, and it can remind you of what it feels like to be free of fear and anger, worry and regret and all the other emotions that life ties us down with.
When you are free of fear and anger, worry and regret, you start become a clear channel for the natural energies to flow freely through you, you begin to find your own connection within the universe , and you begin to find your inner bright light, you then begin to  learn how to reflect that light onto others.
Reiki is taught as mainly a self healing system, but it has the added extra of being able to reflect that healing onto others too as a form of healing.
On the Shoden classes you will learn Japanese Reiki meditations and self healing techniques, you will also learn how to perform Reiki treatments on others. 
Reiki is far more than just a hands on treatment that you give others, as Reiki becomes a self healing journey for the practitioner, where you will have the potential of truly finding your connection within the universe again

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Course Outline

Day 1

  • What is Reiki and the philosophy of Reiki and how it works

  • How to use Reiki in your daily life.

  • The differences between the traditional Usui Reiki Rhoyo and Westernised  Reiki.

  • Experiment with the natural energies that are around you and others.  

Attunement 1

  • The history of Reiki 

  • The Reiki Precepts explained and how to meditate upon them and work with them in your daily lives

  • The 3 Diamond energetic system explained


  • Lunch

  • Japanese meditations taught and practiced

Attunement 2

  • The 3 diamond meditation, practice on self and then on each other.

  • Self healing practice and theory

  • practice giving treatments to others (seated position).

Weekly self healing and meditation plan, to practice before next session explained

Feedback of how the day has gone 

Day 2

  • Discussion on the previous week 

Attunement 3

  • Japanese meditations practiced

  • Self healing practiced and additional techniques taught.

  • Discussion on the different levels of Reiki.

  • Discussion on attunemenets 


  • Discussion on how to perform treatments on others


  • Watch how to do treatments 


  • Lunch


Attunement 4

  • Practice performing treatments on others  

Reiju (Japanese form of attunement)

  • Future daily plan explained 

This class is held over a period of 12 hours covered over 2 days.

The price for the Shoden level 1 is £145.00 for group classes or £155 for 1 to 1 teachings. ( 1to1 teaching can be broken down and taught over a number of short classes if needed, and can be taught over a 10 hour period).

Please visit the shop page, or contact me to book a place on the course

Reiki Shoden level 1 class dates for 2020 

*January 11th and 19th 2020

*February 22nd and March 1st 2020

*April 25th and May 3rd 2020

*June 6th and 14th  2020

More dates to follow

You will receive a Reiki Shoden certificate, a short Reiki Linage and a Manual to take home with you.

you will be given post training support if required and the opportunity to join development evenings held once a month.

Weekend, weekday and evening classes available 1to1 or group teachings.

contact me for more information 

Reiki Teachings are held at

Charlie's cancer care therapy rooms

Unit 2 Venture Business Centre,

Madleaze Road

Gloucester Gloucestershire


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