Reiki Okuden/ Reiki Level 2 Training


Meditation by the Sea

Okuden Reiki level 2 = Japanese Inner Teachings

Okuden is the Japanese word for Inner Teachings, and on Reiki Okuden classes you are taught a deeper understanding of the Teachings, of the founder of Reiki Mikoa Usui.

By following his Reiki teaching, you will learn to connect and to become a balance of the energies of the Earth and of the Heavens. When you learn to become a balance of these two energies, you begin to find a deep connection to the universe, and with everything within it. 

Becoming a balance of the Earth and Heaven Energies, is the first step into finding oneness within the universe.

You will achieve this through using the 3 Reiki symbols, Jumon/Mantras, and meditations and techniques that Mikoa Usui put in place at this level.


When you  have completed this level of Reiki,  you will be able to gain insurance and practice Reiki professionally.

Okuden Course Outline


  • Reflection of past training and experiences 

  • Japanese meditation,(explanation and practice)

  • Introduction to the Reiki symbols, History and theory

  • Explanation of Earth Ki 

  • Attunement to Earth Ki

  • Practice drawing of Earth Ki 

  • Practice symbol meditation Earth Ki

  • Explanation of Reiki Jumon and how to chant

  • Practice chanting the Mantra (Jumon) of  Earth Ki 

  • Heavenly Ki Attunement

  • Explanation of Heavenly Ki

  • Practice symbol meditations on Heavenly Ki

  • Practice chanting the Mantra Heavily Ki

  • Lunch Break



  • How to give treatments professionally   

  • How to conduct your practice professionally 

  • Explanation of Heart KI

  • Practice drawing the heart KI symbol

  • Practice meditating on the Heart Ki symbol

  • Practice chanting the Mantra of Heart Ki

  • Explanation of remote healing and how it works

  • Practice healing remotely on each other

  • Practice giving treatments using your intuition (two different traditional Japanese methods)

  • discuss course content and feedback 

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