Reiki Development 

By A Touch of Light Natural Healing Therapies

It is important to develop your Reiki practice, throughout your Reiki journey. 

The development of your practice is an ongoing journey that will take a lifetime or more to master.

Reiki works on you constantly, working on you layer by layer, helping to develop your innate spirituality and wellbeing, and become one with the divine being that lives within side of yourself.

It is important to practice Reiki meditations and techniques daily, so that they become routine to you, and become natural to you so that they flow freely.

When you are free and empty of thought within your meditations and Reiki practice, then the energies and vibrations of Reiki become stronger within you.

The more you practice your meditations and techniques, that are taught within the system of Reiki. the more you and the people you perform Reiki on, will receive from your practice. 

When ever the founder of Reiki met up with his students, he would give them a Reiki blessing called Reiju also known as Attunements in the west.

The reason he gave them a Reiki Blessing each is time, is not because the Reiki wears off, but simply because Reiki works on you in layers.

Each time you receive Reiju, you have the potential for Reiki to open up a deeper layer within yourself.

For example as you practice your Reiki more and more, your spirituality deepens, and because your Reiki Teacher also develops their own spirituality, then both yours and your teachers spirituality is deeper every time you meet.

Your Reiju then has the potential to be deeper because too, as both your spiritualites have opened up to a deeper state, opening  you and your teacher up to a deeper awareness to your connection to the universe, and everything within it.

No two Reiju are ever the same.

It is also good to receive Reiju/ Attunements from other teachers too, as Reiki development changes from teacher to teacher, you will always receive something different from each teacher to help you with your spiritual development.

For this reason A Touch of Light Natural Healing Therapies, feel that Reiki students should have the opportunity to receive development from Reiki Teachers.

A Touch of Light Natural Therapies hold Reiki development/ Reiki shares once a week throughout most of the year,

Providing separate development evenings for each level.

The Reiki development Evenings are held on Monday evenings and they are open evenings to any Reiki students, from any Reiki linage.

The Reiki shares are based on Japanese Reiki Teachings, but if people what to discuss and talk about their Reiki that is welcomed too.

The evenings are held at Charlies Cancer Care Therapy rooms

Unit 2 Madleaze road, Gloucester GL1 5SJ doors open at 7pm and normally finish at 9.30pm.

I ask for a small donation of your choosing which will go to Charlies cancer care for the hire of their room.

Development Evening Dates

Monday 16th September 2019 no share

Monday 23rd September 2019 Reiki level 3                     7pm - 9.30pm

Monday 30th September 2019 Reiki Share for all levels 7pm -9.30pm

Monday 07th October 2019     Reiki Level 1                     7pm - 9.30pm

Monday 14th October 2019     Reiki Level 2                     7pm - 9.30pm

Monday 21st October 2019      Reiki Level 3                     7pm - 9.30pm

Monday 28th October 2019     Reiki Share for all levels   7pm - 9.30pm

Held at Charlies well being sweet Unit 2 Madleaze road Gloucester  Gl1 5QQ  donation only.

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