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A brief description of Reiki
Reiki is known as a form of a hands on healing technique, but in fact Reiki is much more than this, as Reiki is really a self healing system, and a spiritual practice, which helps you to deepen your inner connection with the universe.
Once you have spent time developing and practicing the system of Reiki for your own self healing, you will then be able to reflect your practice onto others, as a form of healing.
            Reiki is easy to learn, yet it has been life changing for many. Reiki does take a lot of practice and discipline, but the more you put into your practice the more you will get back from it. Reiki can act like a mirror as the more you work on yourself with the meditations and Reiki teachings which are taught on the Reiki Courses, the more your practice will reflect back into the world and onto others. The healing of Reiki will be with you always and not just on a hands on healing treatment, this is because the hands on healing part of Reiki is just a small part of what Reiki really is.
             In the West we are often taught that Reiki is an ancient form of a healing system, but this is not quite true, as the word Reiki simply translates to Energy, the energy of the universe and what we really call Reiki should really be called the system of Reiki and the system of Reiki was created by a Buddhist Mountain Monk called Mikao Usui.
When we look at the word Reiki in this way we can see that Reiki itself has always been around as the energy of the universe has always been there.
Mikao Usui's system of Reiki was created from his lifelong dedication and practice in Buddhism, such as Tendai Buddhism , Shintoism and Shingon, he was also dedicated in martial arts such as Aikido and Samurai Swordsmanship and all his life long teachings have influences within his system of Reiki.
Anyone can learn the system of Reiki
Anyone from any background or religion can learn Reiki, as Reiki will help you to deepen your connection to the source, what ever you believe this to be. It also doesn't matter about your past as everyone contains Reiki already as we are all part of the universe, so we are all made up of its energy, so please do not think that you are not good enough to learn Reiki. The system of Reiki simply teaches us how to cultivate the awareness of Reiki within us so that we can find our true connection and find oneness with all things. Everyone has the right and potential to heal themselves, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Reiki works first on the mental and emotional self, which intern develops your spiritual self and helps to heal the physical too.
Reiki is taught over 3 levels (see below)
Reiki Level 1 (Shoden)
Shoden simply means first teachings, so this level of Reiki is based on the first teachings of Reiki
This course is taught over a 2 day period, this is an intensive 2 days of training and in brief you will learn what Reiki is, the history of Reiki and how to use it in your daily life. You will be taught the theory of the Japanese Reiki meditations and how to perform them, you will also learn how to perform self healing tecneques and how to perform and practice differnt styles of hands on treatments to others, you will also receive 4 Reiki attunements as reflected in the original teachings
Reiki Level 2 (Okuden)
Okuden means Inner, deeper and hidden, and this is reflected on in this course as this course is based on the inner deeper teachings, that awakens our awareness too the hidden healing ability that exists inside of us all.
This course is taught over one long day, this is an intensive day where you will receive 3 Reiki Attunements, that awaken the hidden energies of the universe that are buried deep inside.
In brief you will learn the 3 mantras and symbols associated to this level, you will also learn how to chant the 3 Reiki Jumons, how to perform Japanese Reiki meditations. how to perform treatments intrusively and remotely and much more.
There are  a small amount of case studies to complete after the course, but once you have you will gain your main Reiki 2 certificate where you will then be able to gain insurance and practice Reiki as a business if you wish to.
           You will have the oppertunity to join a post course personal development course to help you with your practice, where you will be given a monthly programme to follow for 6 months.
You will also have the opertunity to join monthly Reiki share development evenings and Reiki 2 development workshops held through out the year.
Shinpiden Reiki Teacher level
Shinpiden means mystery teachings, and on this course you truely begin to find your true connection and become one with the source.
In brief you will be attuned to the 4th Reiki symbol and mantra and how to chant the Jumon assosiated to this level.
You will recap on your previous teachings and devlop a deeper understanding of Reiki, you  will learn how to give attunements and Reiki Blessing.
You will be given the opertunity to join an online development programme where yo will be given a monthly programme to follow for 6 months to help you with your development. you will also be given the opertunity to join development evenings where you can practice giving attunements and Reiki |Blessings to others.
When you have completed this course and when you are ready then you will be able to teach Reiki.
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