Reiki Treatments 

What is Reiki

Reiki is a natural healing system, which uses the natural healing energies that naturally live within the universe, and when this energy is channelled though the Reiki practitioner it causes a peaceful and harmonising affect on both the practitioner and the recipient.

The energy which is a natural source of healing works on all levels of a person and always works on the highest greatest good, it also works on the source of an illness or issue.

Reiki works on the emotional self first, which then heals the mental spiritual and physical self.

Reiki is a non invasive treatment and it can be given as a gentle feather touch or even with no touch at all, as reiki can be given from a distance, where the practitioner can hover their hands slightly away from the body or even from the next room if needs be.

Reiki helps a person to feel very relaxed, causing balance and serenity throughout their whole being.

The aim of receiving a Reiki treatment is to make you feel whole again, as when you become whole then healing takes place at a deep level.

Reiki uses a natural energy that naturally lives in everything within the universe, the energy is known as the universal lifeforce energy or Ki energy (spiritual energy) and in fact we already contain this energy within us already as we are part of the Universe. This energy is hidden and buried under layer upon layer of worry, anger and fear which takes our awarness away from it, and when we receive a Reiki treatment we allow ourselves to let go of some of these layers, so that we can remind ourselves of our own healing ability, which resides in use all.

When you receive a Reiki treatment, it reminds you of your connection to the universe and it brings your awareness to the never-ending flow of universal energy, this can help you to live a much healthier and balanced life, and can cause a healing affect on your whole being.

As well as receiving a Reiki treatment there are different Reiki techniques and meditations that you can learn as well, which you can practice at home between receiving treatments, this will help you to cultivate the Reiki energy within yourself, this will deapen your connection and relashionship to the healing energies that live within you.

Reiki is always a shared experience between the person preforming and the person receiving, the performer or practitioner will bring a deep awareness to this energy and they will then ask you to set an intent that you will take what you need from the treatment, the practitioner will help you to relax and they will connect and merge with your energies, you will then unconsciously draw energy from the universal energy through the practitioner, you will only take exactly what you need from the energy and the treatment at that time, this intent helps to make Reiki a safe treatment to receive and there are no contraindications to giving Reiki, as it is safe to give Reiki in any situation.

You can often find Tim Hall Volunteering giving Reiki treatments for Focus in Oncology Cheltenham or at Charlies cancer care in Gloucester, where he gives free treatments to those affected by cancer.

Reiki deals with all aspects of a person, emotionally, physically mentally and spiritually. Reiki is the healer and the energy flows organically through you and the practitioner, for this reason Reiki is a non diagnosis treatment, as it works best when the practitioner lets go of trying to control where the energy is going and allows it to flow freely through you to where it needs to go for your highest greatest good, for this reason the practitioner does not diagnose the treatment in anyway.

Reiki practitioners follow a set of precepts, which are

  • Just for today

  • I will not worry

  • I will not Anger

  • I will be Humble/ Grateful

  • I will work hard and be honest in my work (this reflects working om your daily Reiki practice)

  • I will be compassionate to Myself and others 


These precepts are the most important part of Reiki and Reiki Practitioners and teachers follow these in their daily lives, they meditate on them daily, they work with them in their daily lives and they become them.

When you receive a treatment, the practitioner always works from a pure place of compassion, which you should feel reflected within the treatment. 

Reiki will work on these precepts within you, so after a couple of treatments you will notice that you may get less worried and anxious about things, less angry and become frustrated with life less, you may start to notice the blessings you have received in your life a lot more and focus less on material things, you may start to look after yourself more and most importantly you may start loving yourself again and see yourself as the beautiful individual you truly are.

Reiki works on the route of an issue so it is not always obvious where Reiki will go you may come in with a headache but the practitioner may work more on a different area say your heart, that would because that the route of the issue could be the heart and not the head, this may not be physical, it could be related to any of the other aspects of that person, including emotional, mental and spiritual.

Reiki can heal, it can have some amazing results, but Reiki can only ever heal at the bodies own ability to do so. It is not always possible to heal, but it will always help in some way, so if it doesnt heal you physically it will help you to live in hamony with your illness. Reiki goes where it needs to go and most the practitioner can never control or manipulate the energy to go to a specific area of the body, because of this a Reiki practitioner will never tell you that they can cure you.

Some of the benifits

Reiki helps with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, some of the benefits of receiving Reiki are as follows:-


·         helps to create deep relaxation and relieves stress and tension

·         Improves sleep patterns

·         Reduces blood pressure

·         Helps with pain relief 

·         Clears energy blockages, bringing the body into balance and harmony

·         Detoxes the body

·         Supports the immune system 

·         Increases vitality and assists with spiritual growth and emotional cleansing

·         Accelerates the body’s healing abilities

·         Clears the mind and improves focus

·         Promotes creativity

·         Heals the inner soul


if you wish to just have a Reiki treatment every now and then, then this is amazing to help you feel relaxed when you need it, although Reiki works best when you have had a course of treatments it  and its always best to have a block of 5 treatments close together to truly get benifit from it, and then just have a treatment every now and then.

Individual treatments are £30 for 1 hour or a block of 5, 1 hour treatements for £100 if paid up front.


I practice Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho, which is the pure way of Reiki and how it was originally taught before it came to the west.


Reiki is a natural system of healing which was discovered or as some may say rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui,in the early 20th century. The Reiki energy system evolved as a result of his research, dedication and experience and hard work.

Mikao Usui is believed to have used Reiki to heal victims of the great Kanto earthquake in Tokyo in 1923 and it is unknown how many survivors he helped and healed, Though it is thought to of been  in its hundreds.



All Reiki teachings should go back through a linage of teachers all the way back to Dr Mikao usui, which mine does

here is a copy of my linage

             Usui Reiki Ryoho

  • Usui Mikao (founder of the system)

  • Kanichi Taketomi (3rd President of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai)

  • Koyama Kimiko    (6th President of the Usui Reiki Ryoho  Gakkai)

  • Doi Hiroshi (Current President of the Usui Reiki  Ryoho Gakkai)

  • Frans Stiene


Tim Hall HDCT Master Practitioner and Teacher in the Usui System of Traditional Natural Reiki Healing. 


I provide a therapy room based in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, where you can come and visit me for a treatment or a mobile service where I will travel to you.


I also travel to care homes to provide treatments to people living in care, in Gloucestershire and surrounding Counties


Reiki Gloucester, Gloucestershire.


Providing Reiki and Reflexology treatments for health, relaxation and well-being in Gloucester, Gloucestershire and surrounding Counties.

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